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CWEECE® starts with a quality innovation in addressing the question of women empowerment and kids’ education which has attracted the attention of numerous agencies in India and abroad. The importance of these issues can hardly be underestimated especially from the Viewpoint of a stable society. 

Self-reliant women and intelligent kids constitute the solid the foundation of a welfare economy and we are out to deal the problem offering a single solution. Training to teachers of Pre- primary classes is dealt at present by numerous training institutions which follow unscientific and improper training methods. The mushroom growth of such institutions has led to the degradation of the quality of kids’ education or Early Childhood Education. Further, the certification of the students done by unfamiliar institutions miserably fails in ensuring placements to them due to poor authenticity. It is to cover up this lacuna that CWEECE has arranged a unique method of arranging online diploma courses backed by the support of an accredited university. Needless to say, quality of teachers gained through rigorous, scientific and thorough training would reflect on the education and performance level of Kids and employability of teachers.

CWEECE® is an education extension institution meant for women empowerment and child education with 500+ institutional tie ups across the country.  Focusing on the intellectual and overall personality development of the children, the CWEECE team of eminent educational psychologists and pedagogic experts has devised a detailed curriculum, syllabus and dissemination techniques to train the kid education trainers which amply ensure their competency. With Many Years of experience in the educational field in the state of Kerala, we have moved to Bangalore aiming at widening our network of associating Early Childhood Teachers’ training institutions across the country.

Chairman's Message

Good Education – A Birth Right!

Strengthening the youth also means strengthening society, because the country lives in them. It is this idea which culminated in the establishment of CWEECE®. Our intention is to impart the best and the latest techniques of grooming and educating pre-primary kids thereby building an emotionally healthy and intellectually brilliant society. Our unique academic programmes are designed to create brilliant teachers with sufficient competency and dissemination skills. Programs are designed by a team of experts with many years of experience in pre-primary education. We offer globally acclaimed diploma certificates awarded by Rabindranath Tagore University, Bhopal, as the university has accorded permission to collaborate with them in extending the online education program for Pre-primary teachers and Montessori teachers training courses. As a matter of fact, CWEECE® offers a golden opportunity to students to earn an authentic credential to prove their proficiency, which is a rare chance in the field of Early Childhood Education.
Hence, I exhort the students to grab this opportunity and win jobs on the strength of a valued and meaningful certification from a widely recognized and popular educational institution, Rabindranath Tagore University, Bhopal.
May all grace be with you.

Mr. C. P. Mohammed Haris

women empowerment and early childhood education


Better Kids - Better society

Quality of Kids’ education is the real foundation for building enquiring brains and we envision a society with brilliant, self-reliant children.  Making kids ‘more curious about ideas’ is the goal in our mind with an equal focus on enhancing the employment opportunities of young women.

women empowerment and early childhood education
women empowerment and early childhood education


Better Teachers - Better Education

To materialize our vision, we need better teachers who are competent and intelligent enough to mold children. We provide the best syllabus, learning tools and online course delivery programs designed and developed by experts in the fields of education and educational psychology which culminates in the creation of better teachers with authentic certification.

Meet the Team - Directors’ Board
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Dr. Lakshman Deekshit

COO (Chief Operating Officer) - CWEECE - Bangalore





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Mr. Zainul Abideen Odakkal

Director - CWEECE - Kerala

MBA, MSc Psych







Dean - Academic

B.Sc.,M.A.,M.B.A.,M.Ed.,M.Phil., Ph.D

He is the recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award in Education & Administration – 2013 “Vidya Ratan Award”- 2013 & An outstanding achievement Award in Social & Educational Contribution to the society – 2014

He presented seventeen research papers at National & International level & published three books in Management Studies

He attended various national & international Workshops, Seminars & Conferences

He acted in Crazy Colonel – Kannada Serial

He anchored various Cultural & Literary programmes at State level

He co-directed a Musical in English ‘The Cross’

He is the Life member of MME Society, Bangalore.

He worked as Principal of Bishop Cotton Academy of Professional Management,Bangalore

He represented the Karnataka State as a Cricket Player under-19 team, Kho-Kho player

& Yellow belt-Karate –State level

As the Dean Academics, he provides the vision and strategic direction to the Institution. He is also responsible for long-term perspective planning, designing of learning processes, faculty development programme, integrating parents, students and community, and implementing the Institutional ‘s social responsibilities.  

Academic Board

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Director - CWEECE

MFc., MPhil., ADMCE

Pursuing her post graduation in psychology and doctorate in commerce discipline is a passionate, positive attitude skilled trainer, who trained more than 1000 teachers 

and conducted parent counselling sessions. She is also a head of the Montessori Teacher Training Institute and a freelancer for many institutions. She has more than 15 years of experience in the field of education as a teacher, coordinator, vice-principal and a head. She possesses good knowledge in identifying the individual learning styles, linking classroom learning situations to social relevance, counselling for emotional, behavioural and academic needs. She develops content for publications and acts as an academic head for KIDZBEE Montessori play school(chain of schools) across India. Being a member of advisory committee in few CBSE and play schools.

Ameer salman foto


Academic Team - CWEECE

Asst. Professor at Farook College Calicut. Doing Phd at IIT Guwahati

Ameer Salman OM, a teacher, academician, researcher and a trainer in the field of Communication studies, is currently researching at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Guwahati.

He also has worked as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Calicut, Kerala. Ameer is experienced in working closely with student communities and tribal communities in India, United States and Sri Lanka.

The former Fulbright awardee has represented India in the United States under the Community College Initiative Program by the Department of States, United States of America. Having his research paper published in reputed journals around the world, he has presented research papers and conducted workshops nationally and internationally. His vision, scholarship and perseverance made him one of the youngest resource persons in the field of communication.

Bharvi Khatri_new

Mrs. Bharvi Khatri

Academic Team - CWEECE

MAPSY , NDDY (Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga), PGDYS, Dynamic Counselling, Child Psychology, Panchkarma Therapy, MFA

Mrs. Bharvi Khatri from Abu Dhabi is a Counseling Psychologist and Naturopath at Padmanabham Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre.

She did her Master’s in Psychology and pursued her post graduate diploma in Yoga Science. Mrs. Bharvi Khatri aims to provide Psychological Solutions related to people’s daily life and mental illnesses. She is also a Lifestyle Guru who guides people worldwide how they can make themselves happier through changes in their lifestyle.


Academic Team - CWEECE​

M.sc., M.phil., M.B.A., DMCE., B.Ed.

Learner centric, highly enthusiastic professional educator with 8 years of hands on experience in early childhood education and accommodating multiple intelligence.

She worked as a teacher in C.S academy, Erode and Kendriya Vidhyalaya AFS, Avadi. She has an experience as a montessori Tutor at vidhyaarthi institute of professional studies, Erode. And service as an art institute of professional studies, Erode. and services as an art integrated educator. Giftes ability at capturing and holding the listeners attention while delivering the information through different mediums. committed to establishing a warm supportive and inclusive learning environment to optimize student learning. Enccouraging Educator, who offers plenty of positive reinforcement to ensure each student’s unique academic needs. 

New 12


Academic Team - CWEECE

Post Graduation from Premji University

Ms. Parveen Saif did her post-graduation in Education from Azim Premji University, Bangalore with keen interest in Early Childhood Education (ECE).

She is an ECE enthusiast focusing on aspects of positive parenting and mindful interaction in the early years of a child. Her love for children and the dearth of qualified professionals in ECE was what sparked her interest in the field. She has qualified UGC National Eligibility Test too in Education.

She is well experienced as a theme-based teacher and grade coordinator with expertise in lesson planning and pedagogy. She recently joined as a member of the academic team at CWEECE, developing and overseeing the overall content and curriculum development work. Meanwhile she continues her research in developing Early Childhood Education



Academic Team - CWEECE​


Who is currently pursuing Msc. Psychology and is an avid content writer at KIDZBEE Montessori play school (chain of schools). She is a progressive and

an ardent learner in the field of Psychology. She excels in observing and mentoring her students. She can easily grab attention of the spectators while delivering the information’s in an impressive way. On a keen note, she has past working experience in the IT domain as a Test engineer. She has also worked as a teacher for primary classes. She is very passionate in working with children, always stays connected to them and makes sure to keep them in the box of encouragement and happiness. She’s also an active member of the academic team at CWEECE.

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