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Become a smart & reputed Entrepreneur through CWEECE® India by being an ADMISSION POINT / PARTNERING INSTITUTION / DISTRICT Executive PARTNER / STATE MASTER PARTNER.

CWEECE® is glad to invite Pre-primary and Montessori Teacher Training institutions to join us in spreading the best authentic online training and certification program for the Pre-Primary and Montessori Teachers. The terms of association are mutually beneficial and the institutions can assure the best available online training based on detailed syllabus for theory and practical, devised by the best brains and think tanks in the field. As the classes are conducted online the associates are relieved of the responsibility and expenses of conducting theory classes. CWEECE® will provide Books, Records and online classes and conduct online examinations. Associate institutions are required to conduct offline practical classes conforming to the stipulations set by CWEECE® in order to ensure the quality of education. Examinations are conducted online under the guidance of CWEECE®. The most attractive aspect of this educational program is the authenticity of certification. Unlike the similar programs conducted by various institutions, the diploma certificates are issued by Rabindranath Tagore university, Bhopal to the successful candidates and hence, authentic and bears enhanced acceptability and recognition.

Advantages & Benefits of owning an ADMISSION POINT or PARTNERING INSTITUTION of CWEECE® India at a glance:

  • Fastest Growing Online Teacher Training Organization in India
  • Online / Visualized record Classes Through CWEECE® Mobile App which is first time in India
  • UGC I AICTE I AIU I NAAC I NCTE approved RNT University Curriculum and Certification
  • Comprehensive and continuous online & offline marketing support
  • Flexible schedule for courses (2 intakes in a year)
  • Flexible mode and procedure for fee remittance.
  • Low Overhead, Growing Demand & High Profit Margins
  • Proven Business Model & Brand Name
  • Simple business procedures
  • Fast Return on your Investment
  • Comprehensive training & on-going support
  • Regular monitoring & Training for Faculties.
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