The benefits of CWEECE® India Students

Students at CWEECE® India develop confidence to challenge themselves beyond their current level of skill development, and are able to define reasonable and achievable tests of their abilities as a Teacher-student. They are encouraged to voice what they know and what they need, in order to pursue their own goals. They learn organization and time-management tools that fit their personality and academic needs. They are also trained to choose appropriate ways of demonstrating what they have learned. They assess their own performance, show initiative in rectifying misunderstandings, use mistakes as guideposts to further learning, and welcome gap teaching by their faculties. They become aware of their personal learning style, and adapt their academic pursuits to take this style into account. Overall, they take responsibility for their own social and educational behavior and development as Teachers of Future.

Students of any age from 18 to 45 can learn the best through pursuing their particular interests in teaching at CWEECE®. We encourage our students to build upon their natural curiosity by noticing certain elements of their curricular work that particularly appeal to them as Teachers of Future. Then, when they use their senses to create exploratory or illustrative projects around these elements, this experiential learning becomes a powerful tool to examine and appraise the plethora of information they uncover during the training. Thus our students become the best in their field as a Pre Primary Teacher.

Other befits to students in CWEECE® India at a glance;

  • Easy Online Registration
  • Easy and convenient fee remittance schemes and options
  • Latest and updated Curriculum & Study Materials
  • Well educated and experienced Trainers & Faculties
  • Live and Visualized Recorded online and offline classes
  • Classes and academic updates through CWEECE® Mobile App with own user ID and Password for each student.
  • Year Plan and centralized monitoring of study progress.
  • Practical / Viva Examination / Live Class training
  • Public Exam by Reputed RNT University
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