Certificate in Pre-Primary Teacher Education (CPPTEd)

Basic Qualification 10th Pass, Duration 1 Year

Certificate in Pre-Primary Teacher Education

Early years of life is a critical period in the formation of intelligence and character of an individual. Children are born with immense physical and mental capacities which allow them to grow into mature human beings. If the hidden potential are not recognized and supported by a proper physical and psychological environment, they will never be developed. Proper care in the early years of life by an Early Childhood care and education professional can do a lot in the optimum development of a human being. The Course Devised by CWEECE experts will enable passionate teacher students to create conducive environment for children’s overall development. The course curriculum covers topics concerning all aspects of childhood including health, nutrition, psycho-social and cognitive development. The diploma will give a strong theoretical foundation of different learning theories and their application in an early childhood care and education setting.


  1. Language (Mother tongue)
  2. Basic of Communicative English
  3. Child Psychology and Development
  4. Health and Nutrition
  5. Pre-Primary Theory
  6. Organization Management


  1. Teaching and Learning Aid
  2. Teaching Practice at School
  3. Art and Crafts
  4. Community Service

Qualification: 10th Pass, Duration 1 Year

Required Documents

A.   3 Passport Size Photographs
B.   Aadhaar Card Copy
C.   SSLC or Above certificate Copy (Self Attested)
D.   Duly filled University Registration Form
E.   Duly Filled CWEECE Application Form

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