How To Communicate With Cweece​

Step 1.     Inform your problem to any one of mobile numbers 7411047555 / 7411071666 based on your language, comfort with your institute approval code or registration number. Collect contact person Name for future reference. Usually it will be solved within 48 hours.

Step 2.     If not solved within 48 hours, then call the same mobile number which you called on step 1. If that mobile is busy, try till get connected. Because that mobile number holder only knows complete details about your problem. He/ She will help you to resolve the problem at the earliest.

Stage 3.    After step 2, wait for 24 hours. Still your problem is not solved, then call our office landline numbers and inform your complaint to Programme Officer. –  7411079666

Stage 4.    After step 3, wait for 24 hours. Still your problem is not solved; send your complaint via e-mail to


All the contact numbers are attended by CWEEECE Staff from 10 am – 5 pm from Monday to Friday and 10 am – 1pm on Saturday

Call to CWEECE Staff with your institute approval code or register number.

Suppose CWEECE staff ask you to send any details via email, send to both e mails and WhatsApp, given above.

If you call programmer officer or CWEECE Director without calling office mobile numbers, it will not solve your problem. So, you must follow the steps given above.

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