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Certification Program

Certification is a key success factor for Students and Individuals to obtain better job opportunities and guaranteed recognition in Organizations. A Certification is an industry tool that demonstrates your expertise and gives you an edge over others.It is proof that your skills have been assessed to match the latest skill requirement from the Industry. Certification brings credibility to your Curriculum Vitae, leading to significant opportunities for career growth and Career Recognition.

If you are running a Training Institute or a Finishing School, delivering Professional courses in diverse disciplines such as IT-ITES, Business, Finance, Leadership, Management, Automobiles, Aviation, Beauty and wellness, BFSI, Handcrafts, Media and Entertainment, and Soft skills and looking to have your students Assessed in their competencies via Assessments created by our Top Academicians and Industry experts, here is the perfect opportunity.

Enhance the value and credibility of your Programs with a Certification and reap the benefits.


Certification Program helps you to
  • Know the purpose of evaluating, measuring, and documenting the readiness, learning progress, and skill acquisition.
  • Identify skills and practices students need to acquire during their study to excel in their careers.
  • Strengthen important soft-skills of students, which are much needed to perform well in the corporate world, like effective oral and written communication, presentation, and critical thinking skills.

Student Benefits

As a Skilling Partner, here is how we can help you to enhance your presence and take your venture to the next level.
  • 1-year access to our Learning Management System (LMS)
  • 50 key skills for Success (National and International Educators)
  • Free Access to 16000+ courses from LinkedIn Learning
  • To participate in Webinars from Top Industry Experts
  • Get Taught by Global Instructors
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