We strive to provide both women empowerment and early childhood education as high quality education for the teachers. Bridging the children’s  success with well-formed infrastructure of knowledge and resources.

Women Empowerment and Early Childhood Education

CWEECE (Centre for Women Empowerment and Early Childhood Education) is a Colonizer in both Montessori Teachers’ Training and Pre-Primary Teacher’s Training providers which basically originated in Cochin, Kerala. Mr. C. P. Mohammed Haris established CWEECE in 2019, a Visionary and Educationist who discovered women’s empowerment that women are highly talented, exceptionally skilled, and capable. As a visionary, the founder observed that women are not getting the proper education and employment opportunities to open doors, and also the Early Childhood education that the children of this modern world are not getting a standard education system that deals with practical knowledge and is not focusing on our children’s psychological and mental abilities.


Retaining women empowerment and early childhood education in thoughts and coronary heart, the founder in collaboration with several UGC endorsed Universities as skill knowledge & expertise information accomplices made teacher training courses like the Montessori Teachers’ training course and Pre-Primary Teachers’ training course in the principal face and as a result made it an example of overcoming adversity with over 10,000+ Students, 500 Centers, 3000 Admission Promoters and focused within a 30-month range.

CWEECE currently has in excess of 6,000 glad teachers who have completed their training through CWEECE and started their careers as not only Montessori teachers but also Pre-Primary Teachers. CWEECE is committed to the goals of women’s empowerment, youth empowerment, rural empowerment, an employable education system, early childhood care and education which is the basis of all education systems, employable vocational education which is oriented training education, creating teachers who are the backbone of our society, training the art of training to teach, management training, teaching courses after 12th, skills development training, and other upskilling programs. In other words, for training and developing more childhood education, teachers and skilled manpower.

Our Visions are Women Empowerment and Early Childhood Education, Youth and Rural India Development to Empower Our Nation

Pre-Primary Teachers' Training and Education

Early life, or preschool life, is a crucial time in a person’s development of intelligence and character. The Pre Primary Teacher training course is often a one-year curriculum created to give instructors the skills, frameworks, and methods they will need to work with students under the age of twelve. The PPTTC course is available at the diploma and specific certification levels and can be taken in person, online, or through remote learning.

All facets of childhood development are covered in the course curriculum, including health, diet, child psychosocial, and cognitive growth – The programmer will provide a solid theoretical grounding in various learning theories and how to apply them in the context of early childhood care and education.

Montessori Teachers' Training and Education

In place of conventional teaching strategies, the Montessori teacher training method of education emphasizes children’s natural interests and activities. The development of practical skills and hands-on learning in a Montessori classroom prioritizes. Montessori TTC places a strong emphasis on independence and believes that children are capable of initiating learning in a learning environment that is appropriately encouraging and equipping. Children’s incredible potential is developed in Montessori schools. The teachers in our training program gain the expertise they need to succeed in their line of work as we are specifically focusing on child psychology by adding it to our curriculum.

women empowerment and early childhood education


A place to learn and grow together - Women Empowerment and Early Childhood Education

Change, of course, is the key, still an enigma with an elusive starting point. CWEECE® starts with a quality innovation in addressing the question of women’s empowerment and kids’ education. Which has attracted the attention of numerous agencies in India and abroad. Hardly underestimated he importance of these issues, especially from the perspective of a stable society. Self-reliant women and intelligent kids constitute the solid foundation of a welfare economy and we are out to deal with the problem by offering a single solution.

Why Centre for Women Empowerment and Early Childhood Education®?

CWEECE® starts with a quality innovation in addressing the question of both women’s empowerment and children’s education which has attracted the attention of numerous agencies in India and abroad. Rabindranath Tagore University, Bhopal, a premier university center for higher education that is recognized by UGC and approved and accredited by NAAC, AIU, AICTE, and NCTE has kindly consented to recognized our online not only Pre-Primary Teachers’ Training but also Montessori Teachers’ Training diploma programs for awarding the teachers training certificates. Therefore this certificate is recognized all over the world. This enhances the acceptability and employment opportunities of the students.

First in India with UGC Approved University Certification

It is recognized all over the world. these enhance the quality and job opportunity because these certificates are issued by RNT University.

Smart Classes with Animation & Visualization

The courses are conducted online through associating Pre-Primary teachers and Montessori Teachers Training Institutes all over India. This achievement was made possible through well-equipped online training classes.

Highly qualified & well-experienced Faculties /Trainers

A team of experts with long years of experience in Pre-Primary education designed the programs. The Team includes MPhil holders, IITians, Post Graduates in Education, etc.

Online Examinations

CWEECE® conducts online theory classes and arranges the award of diploma certificates, provides books and study materials, provides online theory classes, and conducts online exams, and arranges the award of diploma certificates.

Best and Latest Curriculum in the education Industry

CWEECE provides the best syllabus, learning tools and online course delivery programs designed and developed by experts in the fields of education and child psychology which culminates in the creation of better teachers with authentic certification.

International Montessori School

CWEECE®’s future plan is to set up a high-quality Montessori School for the children group aged 15 in an innovative way.

Testimonials (Women Empowerment and Early Childhood Education)

“While I just started working with CWEECE India, I have never felt so motivated and empowered how to teach our Teacher-Students. This is an impressive organization that makes educators feel supported and equipped in their efforts to change lives.”
Atangla Longchar
Dimapur, Nagaland. Working as a Pre Primary teacher for 12 Years in Bangalore.
“I feel honored to work with, such professional and positive people. Integrity is a very important value to me and I feel right at home amongst the staff at CWEECE India. Everything they do oozes integrity and excellence; it is so refreshing.”
Julianna Castellas
Culcutta, WB. 20+ years of experience in Preprimary Education. Associated with CWEECE at present.
5 languages in all courses
20 States in India involved with us in 2021
32 High qualified, Well trained & Experienced Faculties / Trainers

At a Glance (Women Empowerment and Early Childhood Education)

In order to answer the issue of whether women's empowerment or children's education should come first. CWEECE® begins with a high-quality innovation that has caught the attention of various organizations in India and beyond. These concerns' significance cannot be understated, especially when viewed from the perspective of a stable society. A welfare economy is built on intellectual children and independent women, and we aim to solve the issue by offering a solitary arrangement.

Centre for Women Empowerment and Early Childhood education® is glad to invite Pre-Primary and Montessori Teacher Training Institutions to join us in spreading the best authentic online training and certification program for Pre-Primary Teachers and Montessori Teachers.

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