Today, Arabic is the official language of about 26 countries and is spoken by 280 million worldwide. And it is the language of Holi Qur’an, and the Muslims believe that it is the mother of all languages. The study of Arabic opens up many employment possibilities in a number of different countries. CWEECE developed a very scientific curriculum to impart Arabic learning and provides a Teacher Training program for the aspirants who wish to become an Arabic teacher.

Certificate Course in ARABIC PRIMARY TTC

Duration : One Year - Qualification : SSLC - Total Fee : ₹ 12,000


- University Certified Course
- Individual Attention
- Expert Faculty Support
- Hi-tec Online classes.
- Offline Training programs
- International Accreditation

Who can enroll

- Parents, interested in enhancing Arabic teaching skills
- Teachers, who wish to increase their abilities in teaching Arabic
- Aspiring Arabic educators