Cweece Rules And Regulations ​

1.Trust/Society/Individual seeking permission to start institute should apply in the prescribed application form with all necessary enclosures. Application can be printed from the email or website

2. Shifting of the existing institute premises should not be done without the consent of CWEECE Corporate Office, Bangalore, India. Approval is purely valid for that premises only. Any shifting should be made only before the commencement of the concerned academic year without affecting the students of the institute for shifting, separate application should be obtained from CWEECE Corporate Office, Ernakulam, India. Submitted with necessary fee.

3. CWEECE courses approved by university.

4. All courses are conducted by online or offline.

5. The CWEECE Courses offered in the institution should be a full time, part time and holiday mode courses through online or offline.

6. The CWEECE Board with Logo will be placed in front of the study center with preferred Min. Size (3 x 5 feet).

7. The class room/practical work shop should be in the R.C Building/Building with Asbestos roof and it should have adequate space.

8. Adequate toilet and urinal/water facilities should be provided.

9. Proper and adequate ventilation, lighting should be provided for theory and practical class rooms.

10. Any advertisement using Govt. of India Emblem, giving false information to public without the consent of the CWEECE is punishable. If it is so, it will lead to cancellation of the approval of the institute.

11. The Management of the institute after getting approval from CWEECE, should conduct classes as per CWEECE Norms and to make ready the students for final examinations conducted by CWEECE or authorized university.

12. Under any circumstances, once fee paid to CWEECE by DD, M .O, online transfer (or) NEFT will not be refunded.

13. Institute already approved by CWEECE, if applies for any new category/new courses in same category (or) renewal should enclose the copy/copies of the authorized certificate already obtained from CWEECE for verification.

14. The powers to accept (or) reject the application for starting new institute shall exclusively rest with CWEECE.

15. CWEECE MOU & Approval is valid for only one academic year. Each year institute approval should be renewed.

16. Courses name and duration should not be changed by the institute.

17. Based on the available institute infrastructure students can be admitted. At the same time, CWEECE vigilance committee will come and inspect the facilities which are provided to the students.

18. The course fees charged by the institute should be commensurate with facilities provided the tuition fees and other charges may be charged on a monthly, once in a three months, once in a six months or annual basis.

19. Teaching staff must be properly qualified and trained. Detailed bio-data of teaching staff should be sent to CWEECE Corporate Office, Ernakulam, India before august 30th every year.

20. Medium of instruction may be in English, Hindi or students mother language.

21. The Institute should maintain records of attendance of students and teaching staff.

22. The Academic year should be from June to March each year. But new institute can be started up to October 30.

23. Calendar year should be from Dec to September.

24. Adequate class hours and practical hours should be maintained in the institute.

25. Number of students in each class room should not exceed 30.

26. CWEECE Prescribes Syllabus for all the courses. CWEECE syllabus should be strictly followed and are subject to revision whenever necessary as desired by CWEECE.

27. CWEECE Prescribes text books/Modules for all the courses, Institute authority may visit our website for all details.

28. Examination will be normally conducted in the Institute where approval was granted or conducted by online. Examiners will be nominated by the CWEECE.

29. For all short term courses (1 month, 3 month, 6 month) students can be admitted throughout the year. On Demand Examination is available for these courses.

30. All Advertisements or Promotional activities must be approved by CWEECE Corporate Office, Ernakulam, India.

31. Based on the student strength, necessary class rooms and teaching faculty should be provided by the management.

32. Every year, CWEECE approved Institutes minimum one faculty member should undergo one day/two day training programe at “CWEECE ACADEMIC STAFF TRAINING” in Ernakulam, India.

33. Study centre approval charge will be informed according to the yearly plan.

34. Renewal Fee Rs. 5,000/- to be paid Every Year for Normal Approval

35. For School Courses, Renewal Fee Rs.5,000/- to be paid Every Year.

36. Minimum qualification for teaching staff should be Diploma / Degree / Master Degree of concerned subject.

37. Minimum level infrastructure is enough to run CWEECE Courses. Based on student strength develop your institute’s infrastructure.

38. Student Assessment Form to be submitted for all students CWEECE Program Office, Ernakulam, India on or before February 15 every year for Academic year Admission. The same to be submitted on or before July 30 every year for Calendar Year Admission.

39. For one year courses and less than one year courses, Tenth Std (pass) or Plus two is Eligible. For Two year courses, plus two pass is eligible. For Montessori TTC minimum qualification plus two and preprimary TTC minimum qualification 10th

40. CWEECE is not giving any assurance to government jobs for its courses.

Cweece Staff Training ​

In the Management and faculty training-programme, Institute Directors/Faculties/Institute administrators will get the following benefits.

Getting training to promote the Institute.

1. Getting training to admit more students in the Institute.
2. Getting training on “Soft Skills Development”.
3. Getting training on effective management of Institute.
4. Collecting all the details regarding CWEECE other associated educational programme

Programme Details:

1. Training programme will be conducted two days in Star Hotel.

2. The Training Date will be informed to all participants after Received the Demand Draft and Application. If the training Date not Suitable to Participant, He/she may get convenient Date Up to June Last week of the concerned year.

3. Minimum One member to be attended Compulsory from a Institute

4. Application: Fill up the Application, which is enclosed with the Study Centre letter.

5. Food: High Quality Break Fast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided to participants for two days.

6. Accommodation: Highly facilitated accommodation will be provided for a night.

7. Classes: Professors, management consultants and other leading personalities will be taking classes.

8. Training Fee: Minimum Rs.5,000/- (For a person) to be taken as NEFT/Demand Draft in Favor of “Centre for women empowerment and early childhood education payable at Bangalore”.

9. Camp for students. Students have to pay 250 to 400 rupees for awareness camp in a year according to their course like Montessori, preprimary.

10. Training date: It will be informed one month before the training.

11. Youth festival for students. Students have to pay 250 to 400 rupees for two days CWEECE state youth festival in a year.

12. Certificate: After finishing one- or two-days training programme/ state youth festival, certificate will be issued by CWEECE to participants. This certificate will be considered as the part of internal mark in public examination.

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