Application Process:

All entities seeking permission to establish an institute must complete the prescribed application form with required documents. The application can be obtained from our website or via email.

Premises Shifting:

Relocation of existing institute premises requires approval from CWEECE Corporate Office, Bangalore, India. Approval is valid only for the designated premises and any relocation should be completed before the start of the academic year with separate approval from CWEECE Corporate Office, Ernakulam, India.

Course Approval:

CWEECE courses are approved by recognized universities.

Course Delivery:

Courses are offered through both online and offline modes.

Course Modes:

Courses offered include full-time, part-time, and holiday modes, available through online or offline platforms.

Institute Identification:

Institutes must prominently display the CWEECE Board with Logo in front of the study center.

Infrastructure Requirements:

Classrooms and workshops must be located in buildings with adequate space and proper ventilation, preferably with asbestos roofs.

Facilities Provision:

Adequate toilet, urinal, and water facilities must be provided.

Environmental Considerations:

Proper ventilation and lighting should be ensured in classrooms and workshops.

Advertising Guidelines:

Use of the Government of India Emblem without CWEECE consent or dissemination of false information is prohibited and may result in approval cancellation.

Compliance with Norms:

Institute management must adhere to CWEECE norms and prepare students for final examinations as per CWEECE requirements.

Fee Policy:

Fees paid to CWEECE, once processed via DD, M.O, online transfer, or NEFT, are non-refundable.

Renewal and Certification:

Institutes seeking approval renewal or new course accreditation must submit necessary documentation for verification.

Approval Authority:

The acceptance or rejection of new institute applications rests solely with CWEECE.

Approval Duration:

CWEECE MOU and Approval are valid for one academic year and must be renewed annually.

Course Consistency:

Institutes must maintain consistency in course names and durations.

Student Admission Criteria:

Admissions are based on available infrastructure, while CWEECE vigilance committee may inspect facilities provided to students.

Course Fee Structure:

Course fees should align with facilities provided and may be charged on various basis including monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Staff Qualifications:

Teaching staff must possess appropriate qualifications and training. Detailed staff bios should be submitted annually to CWEECE Corporate Office, Ernakulam, India.

Medium of Instruction:

Instruction may be in English, Hindi, or the students’ mother tongue.

Attendance Records:

Institutes are required to maintain attendance records for both students and teaching staff.

Academic Calendar:

The academic year runs from June to March, with new institutes allowed to start until October 30. The calendar year is from December to September.

Infrastructure Utilization:

Institutes must provide adequate class and practical hours.

Class Size Limitation:

The number of students per classroom should not exceed 30.

Syllabus Compliance:

CWEECE-prescribed syllabi must be strictly followed, subject to revisions as deemed necessary.

Textbook Usage:

CWEECE-prescribed textbooks/modules must be utilized, with details available on our website.

Examination Protocol:

Examinations are typically held at approved institutes or online, with examiners nominated by CWEECE.

Flexible Admissions:

Short-term courses offer flexible admission throughout the year, with on-demand examinations available.

Promotional Activities:

All advertisements and promotional activities must receive approval from CWEECE Corporate Office, Ernakulam, India.

Staff Training:

At least one faculty member from CWEECE-approved institutes must undergo training at “CWEECE ACADEMIC STAFF TRAINING” in Ernakulam, India, annually.

Approval Charges:

Study center approval charges will be communicated as per the yearly plan.

Renewal Fees:

Annual renewal fee of Rs. 5,000/- applies for normal approval and school courses.

Staff Qualifications:

Teaching staff should hold a minimum qualification of Diploma/Degree/Master’s Degree in the relevant subject.

Infrastructure Standards:

Minimum infrastructure standards are sufficient to run CWEECE courses, with further development based on student enrollment.

Student Assessment:

Student Assessment Forms must be submitted annually to CWEECE Program Office, Ernakulam, India.

Admission Eligibility:

Eligibility criteria vary based on course duration and type.

Employment Assurance:

CWEECE does not guarantee government job placements for its courses.

CWEECE Staff Training

Institute directors, faculties, and administrators benefit from training programs focused on promoting the institute, enhancing admissions, developing soft skills, and effective institute management.

Training includes lectures from professors, management consultants, and other industry experts.

Participants receive high-quality meals and accommodation during the training program.

Training fees and program details are communicated upon application submission.

Certificates are issued upon completion of training, contributing to internal marks in public examinations.