CPM Haris:
Empowering India's Workforce through Digital Vocational Training

In a time when the world grapples with unemployment and the need for quality education, one visionary individual has stepped forward to bridge the gap between skills and job opportunities. Mohammed Haris Chakkali Parambil, widely known as CPM Haris, is not your ordinary businessman. He is a dedicated educationist on a mission to transform lives and empower individuals through digital vocational training.

The Visionary Behind CWEECE Edtech
Born on December 8, 1981, in India, CPM Haris has emerged as a prominent figure in the country’s business and educational landscape. As the founder chairman of CWEECE Edtech, he has played a pioneering role in establishing India’s first digital vocational training academy. This groundbreaking initiative has opened doors for countless individuals who previously faced limitations due to financial constraints, social barriers, and lack of access to education.

A Journey of Transformation
CPM Haris began his educational journey in Cochin in 2009, but it was during the COVID-19 era that he relocated to Bangalore. With his wife, Sajla, by his side, he embraces the joys and challenges of family life as a proud father to three children – Mohammed Dhiyan, Mohammed Shayan, and Henza Fathima. It is this sense of responsibility towards his own family that fuels his determination to create opportunities for families across the nation.

From Businessman to Educationist
The transformation of C P Mohammed Haris from a visionary businessman to a dedicated educationist is an inspiring tale of passion and purpose. His commitment revolves around addressing global unemployment issues with a missionary zeal that seeks to effect change at the grassroots level. Unwilling to settle for an ordinary life as a typical businessman, Haris embarked on a quest to realize his ideals by venturing into the realm of education.

Breaking Barriers with CWEECE Edtech
Recognizing the barriers faced by individuals due to financial and social constraints, as well as the limitations of time and access hindering career advancements, Haris conceived the idea of CWEECE Edtech. Situated in Bangalore, this innovative platform serves as India’s first digital vocational training academy, catering to the educational needs of individuals pursuing various vocational and trade courses.

Revolutionizing Vocational Training
CWEECE Edtech is not just an institution; it is a revolutionary initiative that breaks down barriers and fosters positive change in society. Through this digital platform, CPM Haris has opened up opportunities for those who were previously unable to access education. The academy provides a wide range of vocational and trade courses that empower individuals to acquire new skills, enhance existing ones, and ultimately secure employment in their desired fields.

Leveraging Technology for Accessibility
What sets CWEECE Edtech apart is its ability to transcend traditional limitations. It leverages technology to make vocational training accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of their geographical location or financial circumstances. By bringing education to the fingertips of millions, CPM Haris is democratizing learning and ensuring that no one is left behind.

A Ripple Effect of Positive Change
CPM Haris’s visionary leadership has created a ripple effect in India’s educational landscape. His unwavering dedication to breaking barriers and fostering positive change has inspired countless individuals to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles. Through CWEECE Edtech, he is empowering India’s workforce by equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

Celebrating Remarkable Achievements
As we navigate these uncertain times, let us celebrate the remarkable achievements of C P Mohammed Haris and his groundbreaking venture, CWEECE Edtech. Together, we can build a society where access to quality education is not a privilege but a fundamental right for all.

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About CWEECE Edtech

CWEECE Edtech is India’s first digital vocational training academy founded by C P Mohammed Haris. It aims to bridge the gap between skills and job opportunities by providing accessible and affordable vocational training through innovative online platforms. With a wide range of courses catering to diverse fields, CWEECE Edtech is revolutionizing vocational education in India.